Professional Sizing made Simple


The new generation of sizing.

In today’s safety technology, valve sizing without software support is hard to imagine for many. But rarely do the programs available really live up to expectations. Complicated user interfaces, restrictive application limits, license binding to a single PC and thus a lack of mobile usability are just a few typical restrictions.

CSE PROSaR relies on a new, contemporary concept: As a web app, CSE PROSaR is available anytime and anywhere with just an internet connection. In the office on the PC as well as on the go on a laptop or tablet PC. And because the requirements are also very broad, CSE PROSaR offers three different program editions with Standard, Advanced and Professional. These serve the most varied of expectations from laypeople to experts.

All three editions are quick and easy to use and do not need extensive introduction or training.

Try it for yourself!

CSE PROSaR Standard

CSE PROSaR Advanced

CSE PROSaR Professional

CSE PROSaR Standard Edition:
Simple. Fast. Mobile.

In order to quickly size a safety device under standardized conditions, you neither have to be a professional nor operate complicated software. The Standard Edition of CSE PROSaR offers you a clear and intuitive user interface that you can work with straight away. A few entries are enough to start the calculation.

All you need is a PC, laptop or tablet PC with an internet connection. Within seconds you will receive all the relevant data on the appropriate safety valve directly in the processing mask. Perfect for “just” getting a result in a conversation or on the go.

But the CSE PROSaR Standard Edition delivers more than just data: You will receive a specific product proposal from your preferred manufacturer for your result.

CSE PROSaR Standard is free to test for 14 days, for which a simple registration is enough. After this free test period a license is required.

Clear and intuitive to use:
The user interface of the CSE PROSaR Standard Edition.

The professional sizing tool:
CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition for sizing cases with medium complexity.

CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition:
For advanced demands.

A single safety device is not enough for you? Would you like to calculate your devices simultaneously with the connected lines without having to deal with highly complex details? Then the Advanced Edition of CSE PROSaR is the right solution.

CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition is a professional sizing tool for design cases with medium complexity. In this app, real gases/vapors, liquids as well as two-phase flows can be calculated. The CSE PROSaR expert system checks your entries and supports you in selecting the optimal calculation models. As a result, you will receive an industry report as a PDF, which you can use to order your safety equipment directly.

The CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition Edition is currently under development. It will be offered as a paid license for both individuals and companies. Subscribe to our newsletter – we will keep you up to date on the development.

CSE PROSaR Professional:
For professionals with the highest demands.

If the sizing of mechanical safety devices in connection with complex piping systems is part of your day-to-day business, you will be enthusiastic about the Professional Edition of CSE PROSaR. Put together the piping isometrics of your plant piece by piece with the efficiency of a spreadsheet. Define almost any boundary conditions in the context menu and leave the selection of suitable calculation models to the software or choose your preferred calculation models for single or two-phase flows. You have never worked faster and more efficiently than with CSE PROSaR.

CSE PROSaR Professional offers you unique features such as the multiple choking check for finding multiple critical flow conditions in pipeline systems, the calculation of the coefficient of discharge for gas and liquid flows, the use of supercritical fluids and substances at the thermodynamically critical point and much more.

The CSE PROSaR Professional Edition is currently in development. It will be offered as a paid license for both individuals and companies. Subscribe to our newsletter – we will keep you up to date on the development.

For the experts in process and plant safety:
CSE PROSaR Professional Edition.