Professional Sizing made Simple

Functional range

The current version of CSE PROSaR Standard Edition provides for the calculation of safety valves (sizing) and the review of existing szenarios (review). The following conditions must be considered:


The CSE PROSaR Standard Edition bcurrently offers the verification of calculations based on DIN ISO 4126-7: 2016. Further standards are in preparation (see under “Development stages”). The user determines which set of rules is used by making a selection when entering data.

The new DIN ISO 4126-7:2022 will be offered in the CSE PROSaR Advanced edition.

Validation system for checking the entries

The CSE PROSaR Standard Edition validates entries and displays an error message in the event of deviations from the allowed value ranges.

Testing of critical flow conditions

As part of the calculation, the system checks whether there are critical flows in the narrowest flow cross-section and at the end of the blow-off line.

Consideration of the back pressure dependency with gases

The discharge coefficient is calculated as a function of the back pressure, as the discharge coefficient may be reduced depending on the counter pressure and valve.

Single phase flow

CSE PROSaR calculates single-phase flow conditions for liquids and gaseous media. Two-phase flow conditions are part of the CSE PROSaR Advanced and CSE PROSaR Professional editions.


Notes on browser compatibility:

Please make sure to use up-to-date browsers. Older browser versions – especially of the Internet Explorer and Edge from Microsoft – do not fully support the functions of CSE PROSaR. There are no known restrictions for the use with Google Chrome and Firefox.

Current application area:

PRESSURE: 0,1 – 145 bar(g)

TEMPERATURE: -210 – 550 °C

REAL GAS FACTOR: 0,9 – 1,1

Next development stages:

Sizing according to AD 2000 A2 or API 520

Sizing of bursting disks

Sizing of control valves

Determination of the scenario mass flow

CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition

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