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Safety valve sizing:
The sizing module from CSE PROSaR.

CSE PROSaR is based on the experience gained from hundreds of sizing projects by the engineers at the CSE Center of Safety Excellence and has been in development for multiple years. The Standard Edition of the application is deliberately designed to provide quick results for the frequently appearing simpler sizing cases – be it in a technical discussion or directly on the system, be it on the PC in the office or on the go with a laptop or a tablet.

The unique user interface of the Standard Edition is structured and has an elegant design so that you can start right away without any explanations or trainings.

In our current version, you can quickly size a safety valve for single-phase flows and receive a specific valve proposal from selected manufacturers with all relevant data as a sizing report. The calculation usually takes less than a second. Back pressures are also taken into account. Important results such as the inside diameter and the maximum permissible length of the inlet and outlet lines as well as the valve capacity are immediately displayed on the same page.

Clear and intuitive to use:
The user interface of the CSE PROSaR Standard Edition.

CSE PROSaR – Review - Rubrik 1

Recalculate existing scenarios:
With the CSE PROSaR Standard Edition you can be sure.


Review Systems:
The review module from CSE PROSaR.

It often makes sense to check existing sizing cases. This applies in particular to the revision of systems or to the consideration of further scenarios.

The review module from CSE PROSaR is precisely for these cases. . In the user-friendly user interface, you can set up your system of safety valve and blow-off line and calculate the mass flow that can be discharged. The auto-completion features of CSE PROSaR simplifiy the input

The allowed mass flow is displayed immediately after the calculation in the input page, as well as the relative pressure loss in the supply line and the relative back pressure. You can view these and other details in the “Review Report” and print them out if necessary – also as a PDF. Comparing it with your initial data, you can immediately see whether there is a need for action. If necessary, simply change modules and find a more suitable valve. CSE PROSaR provides you with valuable support in your everyday work. Test it for yourself!

Everything according to the standards.


ISO 4126-7


AD 2000 A2*


API 520*

* in development

Select or freely define substances

For a quick definition of your fluid, 122 substances are already included in the CSE PROSaR 122 Stoffe vordefiniert. substance database. Simply enter the first letter or the CAS number and you are there.

Alternatively, you can define individual material data – for both liquids and gases.

Looking for an expert?

A special service from the CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence: The experienced engineers at CSE Engineering are available to you by phone or email for individual advice on specific sizing cases.

If required, we are happy to offer sizing services at a special rate for CSE PROSaR users.

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