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Sizing of safety valves: Fast. Simple. Online.

CSE PROSaR unique software for manufacturer-independent sizing of your safety valves. Calculate safety valves and rupture disks in minutes or check existing sizing. Now also in accordance with the new ISO 4126:2024. All you need is your registration and an internet connection.

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CSE PROSaR – Quick and easy sizing of safety devices.
From a single valve to complex isometries.

CSE PROSaR – Supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Thank you very much!

NEW: CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition

CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition

CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition: Calculate now according to the new ISO 4126:2024!

Safety valves for 2-phase flow in accordance with ISO 4126-10:2024

The new DIN EN ISO 4126-10:2024 will soon be here. For safety valves and bursting discs, the standard introduces a new calculation model that is quite a challenge. CSE PROSaR is already prepared for it. Check quickly and easily whether your valves comply with the new standard – also taking into account the inflow and/or outflow line if required.

Find out more about the CSE PROSaR Advanced Edition.

CSE PROSaR Standard Edition

Sizing module:

Safety valve sizing.

CSE PROSaR – Sizing

Fast and elegant calculation of safety valves for single-phase flows according to DIN EN 4126-7 with only seven inputs.

Review module:

Verify existing systems.

CSE PROSaR – Review

Review of existing calculations, e.g. in case of changes to the system or to recalculate existing scenarios.

Rupture Disk Module:

Sizing and Review.

CSE PROSaR – Rupture Disk Module

NEW: Sizing of rupture discs from REMBE® and review of existing calculations. Register now for free and start.

CSE PROSaR Standard Edition

Quickly calculate a safety valve during a meeting? Until now, this was impossible even for experienced experts. Now you can – with the Standard Edition of CSE PROSaR.

The online app has been specially developed to achieve results in the simplest possible way and with just a few inputs, and even recommends a specific product. CSE PROSaR is designed as a web application so that you can also use the app on the go – on a laptop or tablet PC.

With the review module you can quickly and easily check existing calculations – be it after changes to your system or to recalculate an existing scenario. Further modules are already in preparation.

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Register now and get your free test access to CSE PROSaR Standard Edition. Your account is valid for 14 days from registration. If you would like to continue using CSE PROSaR afterwards, your user data can be transferred for a fee-based license.

PROSaR Standard Edition enables you to quickly design safety valves for single-phase flows according to DIN EN 4126-7 as well as to review existing calculations.

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